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Does VPCart work with load balancers

Does VPCart work with load balancers
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Hi all,

Had an interesting question this week about load balancing and how VPCart needs to be configured to work with SSL on a site running on a load balanced set up.

There is a lot of very technical discussion out there about whether the SSL needs to be installed on the load balancer or on the web servers.

The first answer regarding how does VPCart need to be configured is that all that is required from our side is to ensure that the SSL URL is referenced as normal in the config file.

You also need to ensure that IIS is set to not initiate a new session ID when in SSL mode to ensure that the sessions are carried across without being dropped. You just need to disable the option "New ID on Secure Connection (keepSessionIdSecure)" which can be found on IIS -> ASP -> Session State configuration folder.

Next, SSL on load balancer or on the web server.

This is where it gets a lot more tricky and either a lot of research is required or a lot of tweaking and testing. Or most likely both.

Some of the most reasoned discussion I was able to find was at the following page:


People here have advocated both ways and it seems it is totally dependent on your load balancer set up itself as to which way you need to go.

Another great article which disccusses setting up SSL proxy cache farms as a really good solution as well to ensure bottlenecks are avoided.


As always our team is here to help if you do need assistance getting things set up. We can also work with you on setting up a load balanced environment on our data center as well.

Happy selling!

Cam Flanigan
VPCart Customer Service


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