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Creative Ways to Get More Customers on Your Store

Thursday, June 6, 2019


For many small businesses, marketing and advertising is a huge problem and coming up with fresh and fun ways to get customers to your store can be a huge task sometimes. There are times when you feel like you have tried every marketing recipe you have got, and now you are just repeating the same ideas hoping for better results.


Trust me, I know that feeling well the good news is I am here to help you snap out of your marketing rut with some new creative ways to get more customers back on your store:


  1. Got a hot deal? Share it

No matter how great your product or service, your business will not make any money unless customers know about them. And for small businesses, there are simple and highly effective ways to advertise your deals to your customers. Make use of digital media, you can relate and actively engage with your customers. You can even post your hot deal on deal sites.

Example: Create a video or Ad Banner, share it on your social media handles, create a campaign or active competition amongst your customers are active on digital media.

This way you covered more ground and reach out to more people.


  1. Add a ‘pop up’ coupon to your store

Turn website visitors into paying customers by offering in-store coupons on your website. Since over ninety percent of customers use coupons, it is almost a sure way to get customers to buy.


Example: When a customer visits your site, a small box pops up on the screen, offering the customer a deal in exchange for their email address. You can then email the customers with an in-store coupon as soon as they sign up.


This way you will not only improve customer traffic, but you will also have a realistic customer database, which you can use to send your customers deals, newsletters and articles later on.



  1. Offer exclusive deal, at specific periods

Always remember to reward your loyal customers for their continued support, create an exclusive deal just for them. Send them an exclusive VIP coupon, something that’s really attention-grabbing, like 20-35% on the entire purchase or a discount on an item that’s never on sale. Now, sweeten the deal by allowing your special customers to come in and show after hours and shop hassle-free.


  1. Host your customers to an event

You can create exclusive events for your customers, set up an online get together or even an online bazaar. Get customers to come to your store for a cool event, and they’ll likely stick around to do a little shopping. It’s a great way to get more customers in the store.


Consider hosting an event like a cooking class or a celebrity hangout, just think of an event that’s tied to your business that customers can enjoy. Don’t forget to promote such events on your website and social channels.


  1. Offer free consultations

Give your customers access to an expert for a day, like a free webinar. For example, if you own a retail clothing store, you could bring in a fashion consultant that your customers can speak with to find the perfect holiday dress or modern fashion accessories that can blend with it.


For service-based businesses. You can invite customers to ask technical questions in a free Q&A session. Invite customers via email, text message and social media. Set a date and time for the webinar, and consider giving attendees a special deal off their next purchase.



What creative marketing idea will you be using this year? Share with us, we look forward to hearing from you.


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