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Having poor product descriptions is a common mistake merchants make in the ecommerce world. Effective product descriptions can persuade a customer to make a purchase and reduce the likelihood of returns.

One disadvantage you have as an online retailer opposed to a brick and mortar store is that your customers cannot physically see, touch and feel your products, this is why you need to make extra effort to sell your products to your customers via your product descriptions.

If you are unsure how to write product descriptions, scope out the competition, see how similar products are described on other stores, take note of what you think works and what doesn’t work.

As well as offering technical descriptions such as size, weight etc, give real life examples of how your products can be used, this will inspire your customers.

You can also add a personal touch by adding your own opinion on a product, or tell a story about how you used one of your own products, e.g. – "I use this chair in both my home and the garden”

Don’t forget the importance of images, having more than one image for each product is great but each image must serve its own purpose (e.g show a different angle or feature).

Try and show your products in use, an image of a chair displayed against a white background can be very uninspiring compared to an image of the same chair in a room with other stylish furniture / décor.

Remember, the more information you give to a customer, the less likely they are to return an item due to it being something they didn’t expect.

Product reviews are also an easy way to boost the SEO of your site, if your product reviews are unique they will boost your rankings and don’t forget to include as many keywords as you can.

I hope you find this information useful!




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