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While not shopping cart software related, I thought the following may be of interest to some of you:

IT experts around the world have been relying on a rather low tech solution to combat hackers who use Remote Administration Tools, or "RATs", to spy on them.

Hackers who use RATs can, amongst a host of other functions, turn on their victim’s webcam & microphone and record what they are doing. The implications of this are for some simply an invasion of privacy, while for others it could mean industry secrets being stolen.

For many, the simple solution to this is to physically cover up their webcam using sticky tape, post-it notes or even band aids, like in the image below.

Personally I don’t cover my webcam with tape, I ensure that my computer is thoroughly protected and free of malware, spyware, Trojans and any other nasties than hackers can use to infect a computer. If my computer is infected, being spied on is a lot less to worry about than having all of my passwords stolen by a keystroke logger.

While all VP-ASP websites hosted on our servers are protected by the most advanced security systems available, this may not be the case with other hosting providers so you should always exercise maximum caution and report anything suspicious.

Happy Selling!

Gareth Sales
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