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Most of you (especially if you host with VP-ASP) will have heard us talking excitedly about our new Cloud hosting environment, you've most likely also heard 'cloud' mentioned by several other companies including Google and Microsoft as they move their services to this type of environment. Below is a guest post from our friends at spanning.com which explains the advantages of hosting your ecommerce store on a Cloud environment:

Tired of hearing about the "cloud”?  Well, start getting use to it.  As the versatility of this platform continues to be tested, IT experts and website developers are finding new ways to integrate cloud platforms to make everyday operations run smooth and efficient.  A new trend of hosting e-commerce website in cloud environments is emerging.  Many e-commerce website owners are apprehensive about making any changes to a platform that seems to be working.  But, as the Internet gets busier and technology continues to improve, traditional hosting and on-site server options can begin to become bulky and obsolete.  There are many benefits to hosting your e-commerce website on a cloud platform.  The most important can be summarized by the three S’s:  speed, scalability and security:


Fast response is one of the most important aspects of the user experience.  Slow load times are detrimental to any website, especially an e-commerce site.  Cloud platforms are designed to deliver optimal performance and speed.  Many providers offer the most advanced technology, the latest equipment and 24-hour technical support to ensure you e-commerce site is delivering and processing information quickly.  The speed of your website also impacts your Google rankings and security releases and software updates can be performed immediately and seamlessly without interruption.


Many cloud platforms feature idle servers so your e-commerce website can be quickly scaled to meet increased customer demand.  This is especially important during the holidays, when online shopping drastically increases. The beauty of the cloud is you can scale to your demand.  Companies hosting their e-commerce website on site may be forced to either deal with slow load times or purchase additional equipment to accommodate increased traffic.  This not only makes the server set-up even more bulky, but what happens if/when you need to scale back?  Cloud platforms quickly and easily adapt to customer demand.


Most cloud providers implement the highest level security possible to ensure the integrity of your data and prevent viruses and hacking.  In most cases, providers run AES 256 bit encryption on dual ends during data transit and protect the data with secured socket level (SSL) encryption.  Of course, each provider is different. It is imperative to learn and understand how your provider protects both your website and customer data.  

VP-ASP are currently in the process of moving their hosted merchants to a cloud environment and are experiencing fantastic results with the websites moved so far.

Gina Smith writes freelance articles for magazines, online outlets and publications on behalf of a number of companies, including spanning.com. Smith covers the latest topics in the business, golf, tourism, technology and entertainment industries.

If your ecommerce hosting just isn't cutting it for you and you need a faster moore secure and more stable environment then check out VP-ASP's Hosting Packages.


Australian environment (Saturday, December 7, 2013 00:00)
I am in Australia and need AUD payments for my ecommerce. Other products ie Aust Post for delivery.Can you will you support these?

Mary - N.S.W. Australia
Absolutely Mary! (Sunday, December 8, 2013 00:00)
Hi Mary,

We support all of the major payment gateways in Australia including PayPal and SecurePay. We also offer Real Time Shipping with AusPost as well as an integration with Temando if you prefer.
Please send us a message and we can discuss further.



Ali - Melbourne
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