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Hi everyone,

This post only applies to European based merchants who fall under the jurisdiction of the UK & EU law on cookies.

Most of you probably already have something in place to comply with the law which was introduced earlier this year, but for those of you that haven’t or are unhappy with what you do have in place; the guys from CIVIC have come up with this easy to install free solution.

All you need to do is go to this link - http://civicuk.com/cookie-law/cookie_configuration_v5 - follow the step by step instructions then grab the code they create for you and add it to your VP-ASP store.

A very fast and very simple way to ensure your website is fully cookie law compliant.

Business Ready Plan customers – if you are not familiar with adding code to your website simply shoot us a ticket in the helpdesk and we'll add it for you free of charge.

Happy Selling!


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NOTE : We have created a helpnote on how to install this into your VP-ASP store :



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