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If you are not using Google Analytics in your ecommerce store you are missing out on an extremely powerful and free tool which helps you understand the behavior of your store’s visitors.

It’s very easy to set up (create an account here) and there’s no need to mess around installing your tracking code as VPASP Shopping Cart already has it built in, you simply need to enter your Google Analytics Account Number in your store admin by going to Modules > Google Add-Ons > Google Analytics.

Below are five pieces of information available in Google Analytics which you can use to improve your marketing efforts and increase sales:

Find Out Where Visitors Are Clicking on Your Website

This is one of my favorite Google Analytics Tools as it reveals which links / images visitors are clicking on. If you go to Content > In-Page Analytics in your Google Analytics Dashboard the tool will show what percentage of clicks each are of your site is getting. This is a great visual to thoroughly understand how visitors are interacting with your online store.

Discover Which Search Terms are Driving Traffic to Your Store

Go to Traffic Sources > Sources > Search > Organic, you will be presented with a list of keywords that are driving customers to your store. You may be surprised by some and you can build on the success of your traffic driving keywords by optimizing your site for these keywords further.

Social Network Traffic

If you go to Traffic Sources > Social > Overview you can find out which Social Networks are sending the most traffic to your store. If you are spending 5 hours per week on Twitter but it isn’t driving any traffic to your store you may need to reconsider your strategy, or try a different social network all together.

Monitor Bounce Rate

If you go to Audience > Overview you will see a stat labelled bounce rate, this is the percentage of visitors who come to your store but leave without visiting any other pages. If you have a high bounce rate, it may be that your website is very unappealing and is scaring customers away. Or it could mean that your site does not appear to offer what visitors are looking for. Try including appealing calls to action on your site to keep visitors browsing.

Find Where Visitors are Leaving Your Site

Go to Content > Site Content > Exit Pages to find out which pages of your website have the highest exit rate. This is a good way to understand pages on your online shop that need improvement. It could be that people are leaving certain pages because the content is confusing or it could be that something has put them off, for example your product pages could say ‘shipping fees - $35’ and people say "no thank you” and click on to one of your competitors websites.

Whether you are using VPASPs open source software or the hosted solution, Google Analytics is a powerful that no ecommerce merchant should operate without as it provides you with a great basis for your ecommerce marketing.

If you would like some assistance with your marketing, check out VPASPs ecommerce marketing services today.

Happy Selling!

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