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The VPASP Shopping Cart blog often provides tips on how to do things the right way but in this post we'll be telling you how to ensure your ecommerce store makes as little money as possible:

Provide Really Bad Customer Service

After going through all of the effort of attracting customers to your site and encouraging them to buy, ensure that they never buy from you again by not replying to customer emails, no giving out loyalty bonuses such as free shipping or money off coupons and whatever you do, don’t keep in contact with your customers via a monthly email newsletter to let them know about your latest sales and promotions.

Get Your Pricing Strategy Wrong

Did you know that the stores with the cheapest prices aren't necessarily the ones that sell more? Stores that provide a better all-round customer experience can get away with charging a little more as customers feel more comfortable purchasing from those type of stores rather than dirt cheap alternatives.

To get your pricing strategy wrong, make sure you don’t follow the advice given in 5 Tips on Developing Your Ecommerce Store Pricing Strategy and Psychological Pricing Techniques.

Have Tiny, Low Quality Product Images

When people buy online they are sacrificing the opportunity to touch and experience your products in real life. So having really small, poor quality product images is a fantastic way to ensure customers don’t buy from you.

Provide Poor Product Descriptions

In relation to the point above, customers need to find out as much as possible about your products via the product descriptions. If you accompany your poor product images with very poor product descriptions, or no product description at all you can be really confident that your customers will run a mile.

Alternatively you could follow the advice in Creating Effective Product Descriptions, if you’re that way inclined.

Do Not Include Product Reviews

Whatever you do, don’t allow your happy customers to help you out by posting product reviews on your website, not only will this encourage others to buy from you, but it will also improve the SEO of your website meaning that you will rank higher in Google. Disaster!

I hope you find these tips on how to run a really poor ecommerce website helpful, feel free to share with your friends and colleagues, I'm sure they'll thank you.

Happy Selling!

VPASP Shopping Cart


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