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Trust is arguably the biggest factor in convincing customers to fill up their shopping cart and purchase from your ecommerce website.

You need to convince all potential customers that you will:

  • Keep their card details and personal information secure
  • Deliver the correct product in perfect condition
  • Deliver the product in the time you promised
  • Make life easy if they want to return the product
When it takes just a few seconds and clicks of a mouse to lose a customer to your competition, building trust is important to obtain and retain customers.

Below are five elements of trust that may mean the difference between a customer completing their purchase and abandoning their shopping cart.

Store Design
Despite technically having nothing to do with how trustworthy your store is, design still goes a very long way in influencing how much visitors trust your store. Not many people feel comfortable entering their card details into a poorly designed or even broken website. While it’s not necessary to spend thousands on a custom design, one of the VP-ASP Designer Templates is more than enough to give your store a professional, trustworthy look and feel.

If you compare the price of a product across five different stores, you would expect there to be slight variations however if one store was selling the product at a much lower price than the others, you would probably get suspicious. The same works if you have unusually expensive products in your store.

Testimonials & Reviews
Always be on the lookout for reviews of your business online. These can make or break your reputation, especially in the early days. Don’t be tempted to post fake reviews, they are very obvious and will considerably lower the trust factor of your company. Instead, simply ask your customer to post reviews for you, you'll be surprised how many will be happy to help out.

If you come across a negative review always ensure you reply personally with a solution, don’t lash out, just allow the public eye to see that you care and are doing everything in your power to resolve the issue.

Writing a weekly blog goes a long way to increasing the trustworthiness of your store. Write posts that help your customers make buying decisions or give them advice on how to get the most out of your products. Ensure you have a picture of yourself posted on your blog page so customers can put a face to the words they are reading. Blogging also massively helps with the SEO of your store, see this blog post on how to get started.

Easy To Find Policies
One thing that worries consumers lot is shipping and returns polices, often these are buried deep within ecommerce websites and people are scared off by the lack of clarity. Create clear and easy to understand polices and display them prominently on your site.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

Happy Selling!

Gareth Sales
VP-ASP Shopping Cart



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