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5 Tips For Using Twitter for Ecommerce Marketing

There is no denying that Twitter is an incredible resource for businesses. As well as being a great source of up to date, useful information, it is also a powerful marketing tool which you can use to spread word about your ecommerce store.

Below are five steps to take to utilize Twitter to its full marketing potential

1. Create Brand Awareness Before You Begin Selling

Don’t just dive straight in and start promoting your products, spend a little time building your presence.  Retweeting interesting tweets is a good start, also join in discussion taking place between people who would be interested in your products. This will make people aware of your business before you start asking for their money.

2. Learn what does and doesn't attract interest

Look at your store’s traffic sources to see how many visitors are coming from Twitter and which tweets attracted them to your site. Continually tracking these numbers helps you to see what works and how you can improve.

3. Understand Your Followers

Take the time to follow some of your followers around the web, look at their Twitter profiles to see what they are tweeting / retweeting, what other businesses are saying to them and whether or not they are responding. You can then use this information to understand what does and doesn’t appeal to your followers.

4. Use Hashtags To Attract New Followers

Add hashtags that are both popular and related to your products to your tweets to allow people outside of your network access to your tweets.

Retweeting other users' material can be extremely beneficial. Other Twitter users will usually return the favor and share your posts too when they find them interesting.

5. Entice your followers into visiting your store

The whole point of your Twitter account is to convert followers into paying customers at your online store.

Posting teasing tweets such as ‘Click here to view our special limited time offer’ or ‘Find out how much you can save on Lawnmowers today’ will encourage people to click through to your store as they will be interested to find out what the offer is.

Once the customer lands on your store, it’s up to you to ensure they are converted from visitors into customers.

When used correctly, Twitter can be a fantastic marketing tool. Use the tips above to increase the traffic flow to your store from Twitter and don’t forget to track what is and isn’t working.

Don’t forget to install the Twitter feed into your VP-ASP store by following this video tutorial.

Happy Selling!


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