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5 Important Elements of an Effective Product Page

Friday, October 23, 2015

Page views are great if you are selling online content, but if you are in e-commerce, you need to be able turn those eyeballs into profit. The best way to do that is to have great product pages that will make the customer take the leap from browsing to buying.

What makes a great product page? It starts with a clean and crisp design. Although you may want your customer to see as many products as possible, you might end up scaring them away with cluttered pages.


1. Descriptive product names

The product names on your website need to be descriptive. This is good for SEO and is also good for customers. Using "black zip-up motorcycle boots” is better than just calling your product "black boots” because you will also save your customer time that they can spend buying more products instead.

Make sure your product names are unique, too. You don't want your customer to have to search through products with similar names. This also lowers the SEO of your products. Even if you use brand names, make sure that each product has a uniquely descriptive name.

2. "Call to Action” (CTA) button

There is more to the Call to Action button than just putting a huge sign that says "Buy Now” on your page. What your CTA button looks like in terms of size, color, and text will play a part in whether or not your customer will buy the product.

The look may vary across cultures because certain colors may mean different things depending on your customer's background, beliefs, and upbringing. You want your CTA button to pop out, but you do not want it to also make your customer feel angry or anxious.

Also keep variations between American and British English in mind when designing your CTA button. As with most text on your page, stick with the usage that the majority of your customers will understand.

A quantity option will also be good in case a customer wants to buy more than one item.

3. Price information

The price information should be clearly shown and should be as close to your CTA or "Buy” button as possible. In terms of design, the product name, description, price, and "Buy” button should go together visually to help lead your customer to making the decision to buy.

4. Product image

This, more than almost anything, will affect your customer's decision to buy or to keep browsing. You will need to balance the need for high-quality images with the mindfulness that slow load times from picture files that are too large may just turn your customer off.

Make sure that you offer views of the product from different angles. If the product comes in different colors, an option to see those will also be useful.

Using aspirational shots, such as a model using the product, will also make a sale more likely than just a standard product shot.

5. Product description

Descriptions do not need to be overly long especially if your product images are interesting. Make sure to include important key words, though, to make your product page more searchable.


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