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 Hi everyone,

2013 was a great year for ecommerce as online shopping continues to grow at an astonishing rate. Below are four tips to help you grow your online store in 2014:

1. Go Mobile

2014 is set to be the year that online shopping via mobile devices becomes more popular than shopping via desktop / laptop computers. According to the Custora High-Growth E-Commerce Index almost 40% of all online shopping during 2013 Black Friday took place on a mobile device.

If your ecommerce store isn’t optimised for mobile devices in 2014 you may as well hang a big virtual ‘CLOSED’ sign on your store.

How do I get a mobile store?

If you host your store with VP-ASP or are one of our Business Ready Plan merchants you should already have your free mobile store set up, if you haven't, what are you waiting for!? Submit a ticket to the Helpdesk and we'll have your free mobile store set up for you faster than you can say "Increased Sales"!

If you’re not a VP-ASP Hosting Customer don't worry! We've made it easier and affordable than ever to switch.

Option 1 - Switch to the amazing value Business Ready Plan and get free set up worth $95.

Option 2 - Keep your existing store and let us migrate it to our high performance servers on a VP-ASP Hosting Plan.

If you have any questions about switching please email [email protected].

2. Start Content Marketing NOW

It is now widely accepted that Content Marketing is one of the (if not the) most effective forms of marketing small business owners can do. It is your opportunity to stand out from your competitors and differentiate your business from the behemoths such as Amazon by creating unique helpful content that will build relationships with your customers.

Not sure how to start a blog? Read my post from last year on Starting a Blog for Your Ecommerce Website

3. Globalize

These days it is not difficult at all to sell your products internationally. Unless you sell unusually large / heavy items, international shipping is inexpensive and simple to set up.

With VP-ASP Multi Currency and Multi Language features, in addition the hundreds of international gateways we integrate with, there really is no reason to keep your business inside the confines of your own country.

4. Increase Your Sales Channels

If you rely on one sales channel for the majority or all of your sales you are running a very risky business. The following two stories highlight this:

a. Merchant A ranks on the first page of Google for many of his products, he sits back and watched the cash roll in for 12 months, then Google release a major algorithm change and his site drops to page 6. His sales go from $10,000 per month to roughly $1,000 per month practically overnight.

b. Merchant B has got a great product and is selling over 400 units a day on Amazon, he thinks he’s set for life then suddenly Amazon announces they are no longer selling his type of product on their site. His sales drop to $0 overnight.

This kind of disaster can happen to anyone who relies on a sole sales channel. If you only sell online via your ecommerce store, why not give Amazon a try via VP-ASP's Amazon Product Ads feature.

Above are four actions you can take to grow your online business in 2014. Getting a mobile store with VP-ASP is incredibly fast and easy, and while the other suggestions will take a little longer they are not massive commitments and could be the catalyst you need to take your business to the next level.

Happy Selling!

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