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4 Essential Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We live in a time when the Internet has made it possible for businesses to sell products through multiple platforms online, and it is starting to change the way customers build their trust for all kinds of brands.

Customer standards on both quality and service have increased exponentially with the rise of ecommerce, and gaining loyal customers is becoming a challenge especially when they take the form of an online community. Still, there will always be an effective combination of strategies that would make it possible for you to effectively build a loyal customer base.

1. Have a strong, recognizable brand.

Develop your brand to be one that gives a clear message to your target market. Make sure that an initial visit to your website or online store gives potential customers an immediate and clear idea of who you are and what your brand is about. It is also important to keep all elements of your brand consistent across all your online platforms.

2. Use social media to create a more personal connection with your customers.

Social media is quickly becoming the most effective tool in providing real-time customer service to online customers, as ecommerce experts are now finding that consumers usually go to a brand's social media profile when they have complaints or questions that must be answered immediately. With this, it is important to give your social media followers a great deal of attention, as this gives you the opportunity to promptly respond to them, consequently making them trust and appreciate your brand more for being reliable and attentive.

Tip: Do not delete customer complaints posted on your social media accounts. Instead, respond to them gracefully, and be proactive in offering solutions. Nothing does more damage than ignoring complaints from disgruntled customers, as this just makes them angrier and more likely to post their complaints again. Besides, other customers may be experiencing the same problems with your product, so addressing these complaints publicly will possibly help more than just one customer.

3. Reward your customers.

Always make your customers feel special. The oldest trick in the book that still works like a charm even today is offering rewards in the form of discounts, coupons, and other value-added services. Don't overdo this, though, as it defeats the point of giving rewards. You must make your customers feel that they've earned it, and that the reward is exclusive to them as your loyal customers.

4. Produce great content.

Respect your customers enough to provide them with content that will be valuable to them. Most ecommerce businesses have blogs, and one of the most common mistakes online businesses do is to use the blog as a way to directly advertise their products. The goal of your blog is to connect with your customers by providing them with content that is informative and helpful to them. Remember that if your customers find value in what they read on your website or blog, they will keep coming back. Just be sure to be consistent, as loyalty and trust are built overtime.

The ecommerce industry is insanely competitive, and customer loyalty is vital in ensuring that you always remain on top of the market's online radar.


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