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If you are highly knowledgeable on the products you sell (or industry you sell in) you can use your knowledge to attract more visitors to your ecommerce website.

If your industry is a large one such as fashion, it may be difficult to stand out as an expert so instead focus on a particular niche within that industry (e.g. fashion for larger sized ladies).

Below are three channels you can use to attract visitors to your ecommerce store using your knowledge.

Guest Blogging

Contact the owners of the most popular blogs in your industry and ask if you can write a guest post for them which includes a summary of who you are and a link back to your website. Most website owners will have no objections to you writing free content for them as it helps to improve the SEO of their site so it’s a ‘you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours’ arrangement.

Yahoo! Answers

Thousands upon thousands of questions are asked every day in almost every niche and industry you can imagine on Yahoo! Answers.

If you can provide thoroughly helpful answers to these questions (not just a link to your website saying "check this site out”) then you will create valuable search engine results for people who search for the same question at a later date. This will give you and your website a LOT of exposure if you answer commonly asked questions.


Squidoo is best thought of as a mini Internet all contained within one website. It is made up of single webpages called "lenses” created by members of the public. A lense can be about any specific topic you choose to write about and once you have created your lense, it will show up when people search for related terms and keywords.

The great thing about Squidoo is that you can rank highly on search results for terms that you would not be able to rank for on Google and with over 9 million unique visitors a month you have a huge market at your disposal.

A good example of a lense is this one - What is the Best Lawn Mower for your Budget? – the creator talks about different lawnmowers to suit different budgets and links off to Amazon where readers can purchase these lawnmowers. The creator of this lense will then receive an affiliate rebate from Amazon for every lawnmower purchased via this lense.

I would love to see any examples of knowledge sharing by VPASP store owners, just post a link in the comments box below.

Happy Selling!

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