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Most online business owners find themselves carrying out a variety of roles each day including marketer, accountant, customer service agent, web designer / developer and many more.

If you feel like you could improve in any of these areas there are plenty of free online resources available that can help you out:

Take a break from watching dancing cat videos and view some of the short tutorials and lessons from educators, thought leaders and the world’s leading universities. With categories including entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, and innovation you are sure to find something that will improve your entrepreneurial skills.

Two 15 session tutorials - "Starting My Own Business" and "Building My Own Business" to help you start and succeed in business.

Gain a better understanding of the practices of business at your own pace.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a range of resources to assist small business owners start and run a business.

Online tutorials for a range of technology and math skills, ones to note include blog writing, social media training and Microsoft Office Skills.

Learn virtually everything by watching how to videos from all over the web. From short how-to videos along with full instructional courses. Well worth a look.

A not-for-profit company who provide free world-class education for anyone anywhere. Online store owners should look at their accounting and financial statements tutorial.

Learn to code HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery for free with Code Academy, a great way to learn how to customize your VP-ASP store for free.

More free tutorials on web development.

Similar to the two above but aimed at web developers / designers looking to develop / strengthen their skills.

I hope you find these useful, let me know in the comments box below if there is a specific website / course that you find helpful.

Happy Selling!

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Wow (Monday, April 22, 2013 00:00)
Wow I never knew any of these existed (except for youtube of course). Now I have even more excuses to spend hours at my computer :S

Jacinta - Melbourne
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