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Australia Post Module Enhanced

Australia Post Module Enhanced
Wednesday, April 27, 2022

On the beginning of April 2022, we have just updated the Australia Post module.
Now, we have updated our V9 Australia Post module again for the following:

Enhancement: To have option for conversion dimension value if dimension unit is not mm

For this new update, there will be a new config "xauspost_dimensionunit_conversion" used for unit dimension.

Who needs to download the update ?
Merchants that use V9 Australia Post real-time shipping module.
If you are using older versions such as V8, V7, V650, V5 we would suggest you upgrade to our latest version.

Where to download?
You can download the latest version from location below :

The download is free if you have a current license, otherwise you will need to upgrade your license to download the latest module.

If you are a Business Ready Plan customer, please submit a ticket to the helpdesk and we will update for you.


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