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The Rocksalt International head office is located in Melbourne, Australia.

With over 50,000 installations globally and 30 new downloads a day we are one of the fastest growing shopping cart solutions in the world.

We also have a wide network of Partners and Developers located in almost every country around the globe with over 400 in the US alone. If you are interested in becoming a VP-ASP Partner, pleaseclick here.

For sales enquiries our contact details are:

Rocksalt International Pty Ltd
Ph: +61 3 9686 4495
Fax: +61 3 9686 4496

United States:
+1 (208) 629 3457

United Kingdom:
+44 (020) 7870 9533

For support please submit a ticket through our dedicated support help desk ticketing system:

VP-ASP Help Desk

Australian Business Number (ABN) 89 083 123 148

Australia GST and Australian Dollars

We are an Australian company and your purchase will be converted to Australian Dollars when paying by credit card.

GST is added to our prices only for Australian customers upon check out.

About Melbourne

Melbourne is in the southern tip of the Australian mainland.

We are in Eastern Summer Time
It is summer here from December to February.
Our Winter is June-August.
16 hours ahead of New York
19 hours ahead of Los Angeles

These time differences have advantages if you are in USA and Europe since we can normally respond to most problems within an hour or so and resolve more complex problems by the time you return to work in the morning.


Our Refund Policy

Please read our refund policy before buying the VP-ASP Shopping Cart Software. VP-ASP comes as open source. We are happy to answer any pre-sales question.


VP-ASP can be ordered directly from us using  your credit card through our secure payment system. Alternatively we accept bank transfers, Western Union transfers and checks.

If you purchase by credit card it will be validated and the VP-ASP software e-mailed to you within 1 to 12 hours after you purchase the software.

If you pay by other methods, VP-ASP software is e-mailed to you on receipt of payment by us. Payment can be made by credit card, Paypal, Western Union, check and  bank transfer. This can take from 12 hours to 7 days depending upon the method of payment

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