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VP-ASP 7.02 Updates

Below is a brief overview of the updates released in version 7.02 on August 1st, 2012. For a detailed list of features released in the larger 7.01 update please scroll down.

  • PayPal Enhancement: PayPal Standard, Advanced, Pro, Payflow link, Payflow Pro, Payflow Pro Transparent - partial/full refund, capture & authorise features added.
  • Admin timeout module
  • Points with rewards module
  • Google map V3
  • New recaptcha support SSL
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Speed Enhancements

VPASP 7.01 Updates

Website Display Features
Security Updates
Features for Multilingual Stores
Latest SEO Tools
Social Media & Sharing
More Enhancements

Website Display Features

Image Zoom and High Slide

Now your customers can view your products in detail by zooming into your product images. You can also display high resolution images of your products in pop-up windows using the High Slide feature.

Unique homepage design with Homepage Control

Create a unique design for your homepage without touching the rest of your website. Create a fresh look to your website as often as you like using our enhanced Layout Manager.

Flash animations

Did you know that videos could boost your sales even if your customers don't watch them? Recent research says so.

Use new flash containers in the Layout Manager to add animations to your homepage or the whole website! Make your store more engaging and appealing to your customers.

List your products easier with the latest Innova Editor

Adding your products to your store is now even easier. The more user friendly editor includes asset manager to help you work with files and accurately converts your information into HTML code.

Plus and Deluxe users can now drag and drop images into edit pages for even greater control over the formatting of product and content pages.

Security Updates

Increased security with pre-defined security code

To disable the cross-site scripting technique used by hackers to gain access to your store, we've added a pre-defined security code. Now before opening any links which have the potential to change or steal your password, VP-ASP will check the security keys first and if they don't match, it will block access to your store.

PCI compliance via CRE Secure integration

Your VP-ASP store can become fully PCI compliant in as little as 15 minutes thanks to integration with CRE Secure Hosted. You will be able to safely and securely accept credit cards while CRE Secure’s HTML Clone™ technology allows you to maintain look and feel of your website during the payment and check out process. Read more...

CAPTCHA enhancements

If your page has two CAPTCHA requests, they both will contain different verification codes for greater SPAM protection.

Features for Multilingual Stores

Code page converter

Existing stores can now display in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and any other language without getting characters garbled. A newly developed utility enables conversion from codepage 1252 to 65001. Read more...

New translation opportunities

All multilingual stores are now fully translatable in more than 20 languages. The recent update enables the translation of every single piece of content on your website. This addition to the already translatable menus and metadata will make your store truly international.

Latest SEO Tools

Automatic 301 redirects for bad links

If you constantly add and remove products to and from your store you will end up with a lot of so called '404 redirects' – these are pages with error messages saying that the page can not be found. 404 redirects can affect your search engine ranking and your customer experience.

To address this issue we have created 'automatic 301 redirects'. This mechanism allows you to create your own error message for your customers and offer them further options for browsing your store. It will also let search engines know that a particular page has been removed permanently.

Bulk content listing on Google sitemap

If you have thousands of products and would like to include them all in your Google sitemap, you are now able to do so by simply ticking "add all content". This convenient shortcut will save you thousands of mouse clicks!

Better string handling for Google product feeds

When a product feed is generated with errors, VP-ASP will automatically make corrections based on feedback from Google.

Social Media & Sharing

Back link to your website automatically with TYNT Insight

Every time people copy content from your website and share it, say, via email, a link back to your website page will be automatically added underneath.

More links bring more visits to your website and increase your search engine rank. You can also register at the TYNT Insight website and find out what part of your website your customers engage with the most.

XML feed to Shopping.com

Now you can easily list all of your products at shopping.com and drive hundreds and thousands of ready-to-buy customers directly to your store. The Update Pac includes an XML feed generator for shopping.com. Generate the feed and submit it to your shopping.com account for free to give your online business even more exposure.

RSS feed subscriptions

Let your customers know about new products, special offers and promotions in your store via various channels. Now you can keep your customers updated regularly via RSS feeds. Simply enable RSS subscriptions for your customers and “feed” your news using the built-in RSS Manager.

Twitter feeds on your storefront

The latest VP-ASP update includes a Twitter module which allows you to feed news into your store from your Twitter account. You can display recent news updates on any page of your store in real time. Just choose a widget you'd like to use from the Twitter Widget family – Profile, Search, Faves or List Widget – and keep your customers posted.

Over 250 social networks to spread the word around

The newly released Service Pac provides a gateway between your store and virtually any social network you can think of – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo Bookmarks and hundreds more.

Now your customers can share information about your products, promotions and special offers with the whole world at a click of the mouse. New functionality also enables printing, emailing and adding to favourites every product page or even whole catalogues instantly.

Fashion fans can easily use your products for their designs at Polyvore – the largest fashion community on the internet.

Let the word spread without any restrictions. Reach out to even more customers!

Other Important Enhancements

Huge improvement in speed

Along with the dramatic improvement in memory storage we have also increased the speed at which your site is delivered. Now it will load up to 10 times faster!

With Google rating site speed as being important to your ranking this update is a must.

Tax calculation for different customer groups

Your product prices for different groups of customers can now be calculated with tax inclusive and exclusive based on the actual price the customer sees.

Adjustable date and time of your website content

Your blog posts, news, reviews... your whole website content is now compatible with "adjustdate" and "adjusttime". Set the “home time” for your website and any new post from anywhere in the world will be displayed at the local time of your store.

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