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VP-Cart Add-Ons for 6.50

VPCart is extremely flexible and provides hundreds of features built-in. To compliment this, we also provide a range of add-ons, which are available FREE to customers who have purchased VPCart.

  • These free add-ons are provided as-is with no support.
  • Select one at a time and it will be e-mailed to you.
  • A valid order number and associated e-mail address is required.
  • These are for VP-Cart 6.50 only.
  • See the individual install instructions in the zip file provided.
  • With each license we provide 12 months access to our range of free add-ons and gateways.

Enter Your Order Details

Please enter your Order Number and the email address you received from VPCart to access the VPCart Add-Ons.

Don't Have Your Details?

Please send us a ticket through our Helpdesk and provide the following information:
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License Key
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You may need to contact your reseller for these details.

ASPJpeg Add-On
Description: The ASPJpeg add-on allows you to upload images and resize them on the fly. You can also generate thumbnails of your images as well.
(Requires VP-ASP Option Pac, VP-ASP Plus or VP-ASP Deluxe)
Australia Post
Description: Real Time Shipping
Canada Post
Description: Real Time Shipping
CAPTCHA 6.50 - 17th July 2009
Description: Blocks spammers from using forms within VPASP.
Category Fly-Out Menu
Copy Access to MySQL
Copy Access to SQL Server
Currency Conversion Rates Updater
Description: The Currency Conversion Rates Updater will update your currency display automatically so your prices will always be correct.
Date Released: 04/July/2007 | Last Updated: 19/01/2021
Export Orders
Description: Data Base Lookup
Google E-Commerce Analytics
Description: Real Time Shipping
IP To country database for Access and SQL Server
Multiple Images - 1 Product Addon
Description: Allows you to have multiple images of the one product that can be viewed on the same screen.
Order Number Start
Print Labels
Remove Credit Cards from database
RSS Feed
Description: Shipwire is a drop shipping company who will store your products for you and arrange for the delivery.
URL: http://www.shipwire.com/help/vp-asp/
Shopping.com XML Feed addon
Description: VP-ASP's XML Feed addon allows you to easily add products to shopping.com and almost any XML Feed you require.
Tax by County
Description: Allows you to calculate tax rates by county. For US customers only.
UK Post Code Lookup
Description: http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk/
URL: http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk/
Description: Data Base Lookup
US Postal Service V4
Description: Real Time Shipping
VAT and GST module
Description: Removes VAT or GST when customer ordering from outside country and when taxincldedinprice is Yes
VP-ASP Dynamic Sub Product/Features Images Addon
Description: Allow the main product image to dynamically change when using subproducts

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