Facebook Feed Module | VPCART 9.00

Updated September 2020


Please Note:


B. Installation Guide

This module is only compatible with version 9.00+ of VP-CART


  • Upload all the files into your shopping cart folder.
  • Log into super admin and execute setup file, eg: http://www.yourdomain.com/yourshoppingcartfolder/youradminfolder/facebookfeed_setup.asp
  • After setup the module, would be redirected Module configuration page for configure the module.
  • Please set the following field:
    xfbfeed_enable: Yes to enable the Facebook Feeds Module.

C. How to Use the module

  • Generate Product XML Feeds
    • Go to http://www.yourdomain.com/yourshoppingcartfolder/youradminfolder/shopa_facebookfeed.asp

    • Scroll at the bottom and click "Continue" Button
    • Right Click on the "Click here to view" and select "save link as"

  • Log in to your Personal or Business Facebook Page, depending on your preferred option. Copy and paste the link below on a window page.
    If you are be seeing the page below, Click on Create Catalogue

  • On the next page, select your preferred choice of business and click on Next

  • On this page, Kindly follow the instructions below.

    1. Select the Upload Product List Option
    2. B. Type in Your Preferred Name for the Upload
    3. C. Type in the URL of your Store
    4. D. Click on CREATE

  • Now click on View Catalogue

  • On the Catalogue page, Go ahead and Click ADD PRODUCTS

  • Select the BULK UPLOAD Option and click NEXT

  • On the Data Resource Page, there three possible way to upload your product list but for this process, just select File Upload and Next

  • On this page, select Upload File and select the XML You had saved on your local system earlier. Then click Next

  • You can change the File Name and select your preferred Currency, then click on Upload

  • And there you have it, your products have been successfully uploaded

  • Configuration for Scheduled Task - PLESK
    • 1. Log in to Plesk.
    • 2. In the right sidebar, click Scheduled Tasks.
    • 3. Click Add Task.
    • 4. On the Schedule a Task page, in the Task type section, select 'Fetch a URL'.
    • 5. On URL: Please enter http://your_domain.com/your_admin_folder/shopa_facebookfeed_auto.asp
    • eg. http://www.mycart.com/myadmin/shopa_facebookfeed_auto.asp
    • 6. In the Run section, specify the frequency and time with which you want to run the scheduled task.
      eg. Daily at 00 : 01
    • 7. In the Description text box, type a note or comment related to the scheduled task, or leave the text box empty.
    • eg. Generate Facebook feed
    • 8. In the Notify section, select how frequently you want to receive notifications related to the scheduled task.
      eg. Do not notify
    • 9. To save the scheduled task, click OK.

  • After setup scheduler from plesk panel, you are also required to setup scheduler from Facebook catalog manager.
    Log in to Facebook Business Manager. You can refer to below image:

  • Go to Catalog Manager.

  • If you have created Catalog before, click on the Catalog that you created from the list.

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