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Double Byte Languages now fully supported

Sunday, October 3, 2010
With the release of the Update Pac for Version 7.0 we now fully support out of the box double byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian, Greek and Hebrew.

The issue in the past was how VPASP worked with UTF8. We have now resolved this so VPASP 7.01 is now fully compliant with all servers to ensure the display of the characters is rendered correctly.

As a result we can now offer the Language Pacs with double byte characters as a direct download from our site:


This now makes VPASP a completely multi-language capable shopping cart out of the box!

How cool!

To ensure your VPASP 7.0 site is compatible you just need to download the Update Pac for Version 7.0

Happy selling!

Thank you
Cam Flanigan


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